Weather and Photography by Jane Gough, Melbourne, Australia

Clouds and Cloud Features


~ January 2007 ~

Quite a disappointing storm season yet again for Melburnians, and the most photogenic storm I saw was over French and Phillip Islands on the 16th. Unfortunately I received no rain on this particular day, but the storm structure in the distance was impressive nonetheless, complete with mammatus, weak inflow and evidence of several pulses along the back edge of the anvil. All these images have been adjusted to show the structure a little more.



~ September 2006 ~

Whilst down at Flinders for a few days an amazing mammatus display formed overhead. It preceded a cold front after a 30.1°C day in Melbourne. It reached 29.1°C on my Weather Station. It was the fourth time that the temperature had reached 30°C in September since records have been kept for the past 150 years, and the earliest Melbourne has experienced a 30°C day before Summer. The cold front brought strong winds including 128km/h gusts at Mt Hotham, but unfortunately very little rainfall. I had 9mm at Flinders, and 1.5mm at home. The strong northerly winds during the day also brought about a few fires across the state including one near Kyneton and another near Healesville.





~ May 2006 ~

This interesting cirrus formation caught my eye...have to photograph something while it isn't storm season!!



~ January 2006 ~

A huge Plume of smoke from the Anakie bush fires over 70km away, on the other side of Port Phillip Bay, drifted across Flinders and beyond carried by a North West wind. The sun cast a distinct orange glow on the ground, and the plume had quite an eerie look about it.



Also in January I photographed these crepuscular rays.


I noticed these beautiful cirrus type clouds one warm January day, and some of the features lasted until evening. The first image below is cirrus floccus with virga, while the other two images have a mix of cirrus uncinus, cirrocumulus floccus and autocumulus patches creating cirrus spissatus. (many thanks to the fellas on Weatherzone with help in the definitions!!)



~ December 2005 ~

I was lucky to be down at Flinders and captured these amazing cirrus clouds. There is so much sky here, it was pretty hard to miss! 



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