Weather and Photography by Jane Gough, Melbourne, Australia

Rainbows and Atmospheric Optics


~ September 2007 ~

This rainbow was taken on a recent trip to Flinders, after a late afternoon shower on the 26th. I was able to capture the whole bow with my 10mm wide angle lens.


~ December 2006 ~

I photographed this amazing halo around the sun on December the 19th during the mid morning. I haven't seen one with so many coloured rings around it before! I will add a couple more images in a few weeks time!


~ September 2006 ~

A halo appeared around the sun on the 22nd.


~ June 2006 ~

A beautiful rainbow developed over Western Port Bay one afternoon after a shower of rain, and luckily I was all ready with the camera! A secondary rainbow is just visible on the outside of the primary one, and so is Alexander's Dark Band which is the area between the two bows. Also slightly visible radiating from the middle of the rainbow is what is known as bright spokes and wheels which resemble a wagon wheel. They can often be mistaken for anticrepuscular rays.



~ May 2006 ~

I noticed a very weak 22° Halo around the sun mid afternoon as well as 2 weak sundogs either side. Difficult circumstances to photograph being so weak, and a little imagination is required! Also tricky to post process, but you get the idea! 3rd image is the left sundog, 4th image is the right one, both taken a little later as they developed. With the naked eye I suspect there may have been an upper tangent arc, but very difficult to pick up in the first 2 images.



~ April 2006 ~

My biggest photographical error occurred when I forgot to change my ISO setting from 1600 back to 200. As a result, this otherwise impressive rainbow is a grainy mess. I won't be doing that again in a hurry!



~ January 2006 ~

A rainbow right over the top of the Seal Rocks Centre at The Nobbies on Phillip Island, as seen from Flinders. The roof of this centre was severely damaged during a tornado in August 2002.



~ August 2005 ~

Iridescence captured on a Winter's afternoon in Melbourne. Being so close to the sun it was difficult to photograph.



~ April 2005 ~

While on a beautiful Autumn morning's stroll through the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, this display of iridescence caught my eye. Images are quite enhanced to show colours.


As luck would have it, I was collecting the washing when I noticed a sun dog to the right of the sun. Apparently, there was one on the left as well, but trees and houses, unfortunately, hampered my view.



~ January 2005 ~

Rainbow taken at Flinders. I could see the whole arch, but my little 3mp 'point and shoot' at the time couldn't capture it all. Wish I had taken more though.


~ December 2004 ~

A rainbow again taken at Flinders overlooking Phillip Island with the point and shoot! 


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